About Historiana Designs

I make jewellery inspired by history, nature & science. Using details from images by nature artists such as John Gould, Ernst Haeckel, Maria Sibylla Merian and Elizabeth Blackwell; astronomical drawings from Hevelius, or photographs from NASA; Roman murals and mosaics, Minoan ceramics, Medieval illustrated texts, Arts & Crafts textiles, Islamic tile motifs, book illustrations, and whatever else comes to hand and takes my fancy. 

Identifying details are important and I label my designs as accurately as I can. Some are taken from my own photographs, but many come from the ever-expanding digital resources made available by public-spirited institutions such as the British Library, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Walters Art Museum, the Wellcome Collection, the Rijksmuseum, and other great institutions who generously make their collections available to the world. I spend many hours delving into their archives and exploring their endless wonders - as well as visiting real-life museums, of course. 

I'm based in Reading, to the west of London, beside the Thames and close to the Chiltern Hills and the rolling Berkshire Downs. 

I'm happy to take commissions; if you'd like me to design something for you or make up a piece to your own design, please do get in touch.

best wishes,

Helen Historiana