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Head of the Omphalos Apollo, National Archaeological Museum of Naples

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I photographed this beautiful head at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples - which I very highly recommend. Top tip: go early, go often. Due to staff shortages, some rooms may be closed at any given time. I visited 3 times in one week and never did get to see one room of the garden frescoes from Pompeii, though if I were more of a morning person, I might have succeeded. The earlier you go, the better your chances. But even if you can't see everything, it is a phenomenal museum which is worth as many visits as you can give it. 
This head of the Omphalos Apollo came from Baia, a Roman seaside resort on the north side of the Gulf of Naples, and is a Roman copy of a Greek original dating to about 470 BCE. The original Omphalos Apollo may have been mis-named; it was associated with an ‘omphalos stone’ base which was found nearby, but is not now considered to have belonged to the statue. 


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